All dressed up and nowhere to go
All dressed up and nowhere to go
Some of us decided to get all dressed up.... or down.... depending on how you look at it.

Les came as..... well, sort of a non-school version of Les. He said he couldn't find his funny teeth but it could have all been a ruse of some sort.

Jason came as a fugitive, which according to his shirt none of us were able to see....

Dan came as a Hawaiian Bobble-head doll. It was great! You could stick him on the dash and he'd dance like crazy!

There's some controversy as to what Jen came as. I'm thinking she was stoned but others came to the conclusion that she just spent a long night studying and forgot to change out of her pajamas.

Mandi came as a professional basketball coach. She said she had a strictly professional relationship with her Chicago Bull's players but I think she just liked to smack MJ on the butt when he came to the bench for a rest.

Jessy came as a telemarketer, she tried getting everybody to buy towels. Either that or she was that hot little operator from the Andy Griffith show!! She was kind of hot wasn't she????

I'm pretty sure Lynn was an Irish bar wench. Hee Hee. She's so gonna kill me huh?

Tyler just combed his hair and called it good!! Another death sentence huh?

Everybody had fun.